Very Vintage

Ahhhh, vintage pieces! I love to work with them. I find myself wondering where they once were. Did someone wear this brooch to a special wedding? Did these earrings make it to an Inaugural Ball? Did someone buy these to look pretty for a soldier coming home on leave? There is a past and a history for each piece that makes me nostalgic when I create something new with them. Here are some pendants I made for someone using their mother’s and grandmother’s old earrings…..what will their legacy be?
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2 responses to “Very Vintage”

  1. Stephanie Clayton

    these are stunning.
    thanks for commenting on Style Odyssey, by the way; much appreciated!

  2. Elyse

    hi beth!

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog. nice to meet you! your jewelry is beautiful.

    and you are in lancaster! soooooooooo pretty!!!


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