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13 responses to “All that glitters and golden giveaway!”

  1. Diana P.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pieces look gorgeous! I especially love the second pair of earrings!

  2. Jamie Avery

    I’m a fan of the hoops with the blue crystals. It reminds me of angels!

  3. Kerry Keagy

    I, too, love the second pair of earrings…they remind me of butterflies :-)
    but I like the first and fourth pair as well! Thanks, Beth!!

  4. Ann Cherek

    Love the gold, with prices where they are copper is soon to be the next hot item – keep on the look out!

  5. Linda

    I love it all. So pretty!

  6. Candy Hamilton

    The vintage gold is very pretty. I like the third necklace down with the pinkish goldish crystal.

  7. Kristin

    OMG, that second pair of earrings is outta this world!

  8. Sheila Rumney

    Just love how you have used vintage bits and baubles! Have a great week!

  9. Sheila Rumney

    I love the watch necklace. I recently made myself one and can’t stop wearing it!!

    Love your beautiful jewelry. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Vickie Cesarz

    I absolutely love everything I see…can’t wait to see in person. Thanks to my sister-in-law Ann White for buying me a pair of earrings for Christmas, which are now my favoritest!!!

  11. The Neo-Traditionalist

    Oh my goodness, its all SO lovely! And yes, I did notice the vintage touches! They make all the difference. xoxo katie

  12. Angélique

    Your jewelry is fabulous!!!
    I believe that vintage pieces are the best.
    They just have a style to them that can’t be replicated.

  13. Kristin

    Thank you!! I’m so excited!!

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